Library RFID System
Conversion Station & Multi-Functional Staff Station

The world First Movable and Height-Adjustable Staff Station

Library RFID System - Conversion Station

The LibBest® Conversion Station is a staff assisted station on services such as tagging and security operation. This conversion station are used to program RFID tags on new or existing library items. It is helpful when the library move from barcode to RFID equipment.

This station is used for the following services:

  • Convert item barcode number and write into RFID tag memory
  • Automatically dispenser RFID labels
  • Fast processing means lower operation cost
  • Equipped with touch screen, optical barcode scanner and RFID reader
  • Enable to program or reprogram the RFID tags memory
  • It is standalone operation, no need to connect with Integrated Library System
  • Self-contained on portable cart in order to move between the stacks

The conversion station consists of the following components:

  1. Laptop PC with Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  2. 13 inch touch screen
  3. Keyboard and mouse
  4. RFID reader and Antenna
  5. Manual Label dispenser
  6. Handheld barcode scanner with stand
  7. Operation software


  1. Quickly and easily converts barcode to RFID tags
  2. Converts to RFID tags with one simple system
  3. Fast process - Dispenses RFID tags automatically, one by one
  4. It is portable and self-contained